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IPTV stands for "internet Protocol Television" It is a method of streaming hundreds of TV channels, films etc through your internet connection ( Orange, SFR etc)

To achieve this, you will require a broadband speed of at least 6Mbps, an IPTV adapter to decode the signal and a spare HDMI port on your TV. If your TV was manufactured after 2010 then almost certainly it will be suitable.

You can check your Internet download speed by clicking here.

Because of the data usage, you will need to ensure that your broadband package has an unlimited data allowance.  Some service providers may have a 'Fair usage' policy which may throttle your speeds if you are a heavy user.  Bearing this in mind, we strongly suggest that this is used as a complement to your satellite system (for normal use) - not as a replacement.








There are three packages available, for you to subscribe to, depending on your channel requirements. Click on the buttons below to see the contents of each package


bronze package silver package

We are so convinced that you will be delighted with the package you choose that, if you cancel within 30 days and return the IPTV box to us with all components in the original box, we will refund the full cost of the box (excluding postage).


For further information or to check the compatibility of your current equipment click here to contact us





What Channels...

Sky Channels

Currently all of the BBC & ITV channels, Sky News & CNN are available to watch without subscription.

BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Live, World Service, Virgin Radio, Classic FM and many more with superb digital quality.

For full list of Free to View channels click here