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Instead of using two remote controls, one for Sky and one for your television, you can usually set your Sky remote controller to operate the volume on most makes of television.  To do this, just follow the steps below:

Please note that if your television is made by Sony, then the volume control may already work.





  1. Look up your TV's brand in the list below.
  2. Turn on your television and Sky box and press the TV button on your Sky remote control.
  3. Hold down SELECT and the RED keys together until the red light on your Sky remote control blinks twice (this is after about 2 seconds).
  4. Press TV again.
  5. Key in your television's brand code, the light on your Sky remote control blinks twice.
  6. Press VOLUME+ on your Sky remote control. If your television volume increases, press SELECT. The light on your Sky remote control should blink twice.  If your television does nothing, repeat the sequence of pressing TV then VOLUME+ until the television volume works, then press SELECT.  If the light blinks 3 times, your remote control has checked all the possible settings for the code you used.  Check you have the right code and start again at step 1.
  7. Press the SKY button to return to the TV channels
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Aiwa 0406 Goldstar 0056 Protech 0595
Akai 0098 Goodmans 0335 Pye 0600
Akura 0042 Granada 0340 Roadstar 0625
Alba 0043 Grundig 0345 Saba 0645
Amstrad 0063 Harwood 0361 Saisho 0649
Baird 0117 Hinari 0365 Salora 0651
Bang & Olufsen 0118 Hitachi 0145 Samsung 0060
BPL 0115 ITT 0384 Sanyo 0159
Beko 0125 JVC 0053 Schneider 0665
Beon 0899 Loewe 0442 Seleco 0672
Brionvega 0147 Matsui 0477 Sharp 0093
Bush 0157 Memorex 0037 Siemens 0680
Crown 0225 Metz 0491 Sony 0000
Daewoo 0092 Minoka 0921 Soundwave 0702
Decca 0244 Mitsubishi 0150 Tandy 0741
Dual 0257 NEI 0514 Tatung 0049
Ferguson 0293 Nikkai 0528 Technics 0250
Fidelity 0294 Nokia 0536 Telefunken 0757
Finlandia 0296 Nordmende 0537 Thomson 0771
Finlux 0297 Orion 0549 Thorn 0772
Fisher 0154 Panasonic 0051 Thorn-Ferguson 0936
Funai 0179 Philips 0081 Toshiba 0156
Genexxa 0330 Pioneer 0166

What Channels...

Sky Channels

Currently all of the BBC & ITV channels, Sky News & CNN are available to watch without subscription.

BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Live, World Service, Virgin Radio, Classic FM and many more with superb digital quality.

For full list of Free to View channels click here