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Are you unable to get broadband via your telephone line?





Are you unable to get broadband via your telephone line?

Do you have a frustratingly slow dial-up connection...or an unreliable ADSL service?

TV Normandy are registered installers for Nordnet, the only broadband by satellite supplier in France, and together we can offer a solution to your problem.

National coverage - contrary to popular belief, you can receive satellite broadband almost anywhere in France even if you don't have ADSL eligibility or even a phone line!

We can provide a "broadband by satellite" kit with super fast download speeds and unlimited data. We will install it at your home, set up your modem, and immediately you are away surfing the internet. The system also comes with a phone service.

No landline phone connection is required.

Please note that service enquiries after installation should be addressed direct to Nordnet as we do not have access to your account details.




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